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I am expecting an important package from Europe. I got a call I should pay something, so I did.

I am reading on the website that there is a scam where somebody is asking for money in DHL's name. I got worried, called them. Seemed to be OK, but you never know... If the scammers scammed me, they could have scammed the phone number I called.

Anyway, I was worried and expected the delivery. I have a home based business and I can't just leave a customer to let the DHL carrier in, so I was not able to work the day it was "scheduled for delivery". I wait, I wait, I check the tracker, it says they need my address, I should call. I call, they said they didn't have a buzzer number, so they could not deliver.

My buzzer number is the same as my apartment number. Obviously it didn't occur to the delivery person to try that. I said, why didn't you call me? You have my phone number.

Customer service (a very unfriendly guy) says we don't call. That is a *** thing right there. If they give the guy a phone, they could save a second delivery, but obviously they are not the smartest people. So, OK, I try to call again asking if I could have the package that day, because I really need it, (and didn't want to wait around not being able to make money another day) the guy with an East Indian accent talks I don't know what, so I asked for the manager.

She was also East Indian, but she was nice and promised she will try to tell the driver to attempt another delivery that day. When he can't she will call that I can pick it up in Richmond, which is about an hour drive, but I was willing to do anywhere, just give me the bloody package. I wait, no delivery, no phone call. I call again.

Another East Indian guy who for some reason started telling me why should I not get upset. The more he said that, the more upset I got. I kept telling him, please, don't worry about me, just tell me how could I get this package a.s.a.p. He doesn't know, but he will leave a message to I don't know who, and that person will call me the next day at 10 am.

I asked, does this mean I will get the package tomorrow? He just kept repeating like a parrot, you will get a phone call. I said I don't want a phone call, I want the package! He must have been trained to calm down angry customers, and kept saying "I am sorry about what you are going through".

I said don't worry about me, just make sure somehow I get the package for sure tomorrow. He made me so angry that I was yelling at him in the end and used the f. word. He kept saying "I am recording this for i don't know what purposes" I said I don't care, stick it up your....

Anyway, I hang up, calm down. Next day I knew I won't be able to see customers. 10am comes, nobody calls. I check my tracker, it says it has been scheduled for delivery, so I thought OK, this time he will have my buzzer and I will get my package.

Around 11:30 same Indian guy calls, he is very friendly and says that my package is on its way, he instructed the driver to deliver my package first, because it is urgent. I thank him and wait for my package, not being able to work and make money. I waited all day until 9 pm. Still no delivery.

The tracker says something about re-scheduling because they could not deliver. Doesn't say why. They just couldn't. I was here all day.

I can hear when someone buzzes anybody in the building, no delivery guy was here. I try to call after 9pm. Of course they are not there, and today is Friday, so that means I will have to wait until Monday. I found a way to change it to self pick-up, so that's what I did.

It is very inconvenient, because they are open from 8-6 and it means I will lose business again picking it up, but I'd rather drive an hour than sit around again all day waiting for them, because they made me pissed. I had no idea DHL was such a terrible company. I am reading on yelp and on yellow pages how customers are complaining about THE SAME. This is a lazy, lying, incompetent bunch of jerks.

I am just hoping my package is in order and they won't steal it as I am reading in other reviews.

This is a bloody nightmare and I hope I am doing them damage spreading the word. Their incompetence has caused me already financial damage as I was not able to work.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dhl Canada Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $300.

I didn't like: I hated it.

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