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I've been waiting for DHL to deliver a package sent to me for more than a week. The package was shipped from San Francisco, and arrived in Montreal on Nov 28. From them on, I've been trying to get it delivered to me, or to pick it up, to no avail.

- Nov 28: DHL just let a yellow tag on my door saying nobody was home (I WAS HOME)

- Nov 29: Sign the tag and authorize the courier to leave the package on my doorstep. Nobody came, nobody took the tag away, but DHL says again that nobody was home (again, I WAS HOME). The tag stays there untouched until Dec 03.

- Dec 03: I call DHL and request them to deliver the package the next day

- Dec 04: The driver came, took the tag but didn't deliver the *** package. Again, they give the same false excuse of nobody being home at the time of the purported delivery. I call DHL and tell them that, since they are so incompetent that they cannot drop a simple package on my doorstep, I will pick it up at their warehouse.

- Dec 05: It took me almost 3 hours to get to their warehouse. When I got there, the *** package wasn't there. I track the package online and, guess what? The package is with the courier to be delivered, even after I explicitly told them to leave the package at the warehouse.

Monetary Loss: $108.

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